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Mathieu et M. Verpeaux eds. See also generally Bartelson , J. See also Luchaire , F. Article See Luchaire, supra n.

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See Conseil Constitutionnel no. While this right was initially given expression as a right to secession in the postcolonial context, it is now interpreted as encompassing a right for overseas populations within the Republic to change their territorial status. See generally Pourhiet , A. Vetter eds. Pastorel, supra n. See also Conseil Constitutionnel, no.

See also generally Abdallah , A. Paris: Senate See also , generally, Verpeaux , M.

Special Issue: Republican Exchanges, c.1550–c.1850

See also Brard , Y. See Roger , P. See also Schnapper , D. Constant, Le multiculturalisme Flammarion ; Lochak , D.

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Laborde , in E. Berenson et al.

The French Republic: History, Values, Debates

Nicolet , C. On liberal multiculturalism, see Kymlicka , W. Pettit, supra n. Indeed, in his constitutional plans for Poland and Corsica, he seems to envisage public power being dissipated and even checked across different sites.

Rousseau , J. See also Williams , D. Steinberger , P.

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In this invaluable reference work, the world's foremost authorities on France's political, social, cultural, and intellectual history explore the history and meaning of the French Republic and the challenges it has faced. Founded in , the French Republic has been defined and redefined by a succession of regimes and institutions, a multiplicity of symbols, and a plurality of meanings, ideas, and values.

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Although constantly in flux, the Republic has nonetheless produced a set of core ideals and practices fundamental to modern France's political culture and democratic life. It then offers thematic essays on such topics as Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity; laicity; citizenship; the press; immigration; decolonization; anti-Semitism; gender; the family; cultural policy; and the Muslim headscarf debates.

Radicalization of the French Revolution (French Revolution: Part 6)

Each essay includes a brief guide to further reading. This volume features updated translations of some of the most important essays from the French edition, as well as twenty-two newly commissioned English-language essays, for a total of forty entries.