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Approximate enrollment optional. Order Now. C is responsive to the call as well as to the issue of conspiracy. Do not stop there because, although C is a good answer, D may be a better answer. What does FFOL offer to achieve a high multiple-choice score? Examinees following along with their Substantive Law outline per subject is recommended. FFOL includes both books with its Baby Bar Review course and only the Finz book with Bar The Finz book is excellent for the following reasons: The questions are difficult and allow students to challenge This book includes nearly double the Civil Procedure questions in its latest edition than in its previous edition.

Such questions are difficult to come by because Civil Procedure was added to the MBE on the Bar only within recent Thorough answer explanations are At a minimum, FFOL recommends reviewing answer explanations to the questions that examinees got wrong until they understand why the answer they selected is incorrect and why an answer they did not select is correct. Making flashcards may A student recently reported that no matter how many Contracts MBE questions she did, she was not seeing improvement.

Similarly, the question index indicates that there are 17 questions that test diversity subject matter jurisdiction. That is more than three times as many diversity jurisdiction questions as federal question jurisdiction questions.

The Civil Procedure question index indicates that only one question tests on insurance as to discovery. This illustrates how some issues are tested with high i. In turn, this underscores the importance of prioritizing studies from highest to lowest likelihood of being tested. It also reduces the stress examinees experience from the overwhelming yet false sense of having to know everything because it is all of equal importance. The index allows all students to practice certain issues that they know they are weaker in.

For example, in a Real Property question testing the Recording Act, it is common to have multiple conveyances on different dates, to multiple parties recording imputing record notice on different dates, some of whom paid value or did not, with facts possibly imputing or negating actual notice or inquiry notice, and providing that the land is located in a jurisdiction that uses a certain type of recording statute. Especially under exam time constraints, a diagram is an excellent way to visualize through analysis to the best Finz is also excellent because it organizes the MBEs by subject for a foundation in a selected subject per week or day.

It also includes a question practice exam so examinees can simulate the Bar with questions in mixed subject order. These questions are isolated in a section to help examinees focus on Civil Procedure, which tends to be a more difficult subject for Except for Civil Procedure, all subject questions are in mixed subject order excellently simulating the Bar. The answer key for NCBE subject questions includes only the correct answer and in some cases which subject that question tested without answer explanation. Therefore, FFOL recommends using this book to test speed and accuracy and to identify which subject s students may be weaker in so students can focus more time on those subjects and less time on the others in the books that do separate questions by NCBE MBE Online Practice Exams This book is included in the FFOL Bar This book includes MBE questions of average to high This book includes questions testing all subjects except Civil Procedure in mixed subject order simulating the Bar as to ordering, albeit with the subject identified above the question.

These questions are of average to low difficulty. Therefore, FFOL recommends starting with these books to improve proficiency and confidence before embracing the challenge of the more difficult Do not be discouraged if initial scores are low. This is normal and part of the process. Professor Christensen frequently appears at various law schools throughout the U. This allows students to pay as they go. Anytime 10 hours are purchased together, the 11th hour is free. Seven of those hours are normally dedicated to the MBE tutorial. Daily Telephone and Email Consultation Attorneys are available Monday through Friday during office hours for a brief consultation, such as talking through difficult MBE questions that examinees encounter in.

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