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So, I would say that it really depends on where you are learning Italian, if you are in the United States you will hear standard Italian television etc. It depends on what kind of connections you make with people. If you go to Rome, obviously, you will learn how to speak ….

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And she was proud of that, you know. If you want to learn certain accents, the best way is to go live there because online can be confusing. Because you can hear an accent and then you can hear a YouTube video with a completely different accent. Everybody in Italy, differently from other countries in the world, everybody has an accent.

You can tell, if you got a good hear, you can tell immediately where that person comes from. But I would say that in general that for Italian you can go for the standard version and you can hear it on television, movies. CHER: You declare that learning by memory is not one of the best ways for learning a language.

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  • Could you tell us something more on this topic? LUCA: Yes, so.

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    I could also do…see here, wait. When you start a sentence, one word draws the other. This works both for words and for the sounds. When you are six years old, seven years old, the number of words that you know is relatively limited. But if you do it in a way of reusing that sentence two or three days after in a different context, the sentence will remain longer in your mind.

    Languages are not a collection or a lump sum of words but they are a combination of words. In fact, people that speak, if you notice, according to a statistic, in reality, words that we use everyday, each day, are a small, small part of the words that we have in our vocabulary. But the difference is that the possible combinations that we can create with these words is enormous. Now, right now, I made some conversation. I was talking about some important things.

    My site, my blog, we say, has the intention of becoming bigger, than being a multilingual platform like you have noticed now there are many articles in many languages. And then now I am creating many products also online because I think in this way I can help many people to understand a thing that seems difficult but is not. LUCA: There are many more on the market.

    There is also that I have done in Russia, that I did last year, however, the principal thing now is this workshop that I did in Vienna and I will do another in Poland in two months. LUCA: Now, online depends.


    The YouTube channel is called Luca Lampariello. Instead my site is called thepolyglotdream. Grazie per essere qui.

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    Allora, cominciamo. Per le persone che non ti conoscono, puoi raccontarci qualcosa di te, di dove sei, e quante lingue conosci? Allora, diciamo, per farla breve, io sono Luca, sono di Roma, sono italiano. Ho 33 anni, ho una laurea in ingegneria elettronica ma alla fine ho finito per lavorare con le lingue. Adesso ne parlo Quindi, in questo sistema di riferimento, il professore sta al centro e gli alunni gli girano intorno, gli orbitano intorno.

    Gli studenti migliori in tutte le discipline, in tutte le materie, sono quelli che ascoltano in classe ma poi fanno a casa. Io, per imparare lo spagnolo, ci ho messo 10 anni a scuola. Ma tutto dipende da come vivi, no? E lo possono fare tutti. Ok, ok. E io do molta importanza a, non solo alle parole, alle frasi, alle espressioni idiomatiche ma anche a come si dicono le cose, in inglese come in altre lingue.

    Anche se non sono mai stato in America. Devo venire. Te lo potrei anche far vedere qua, aspetta. Ti do un esempio, allora immaginati quando parli in inglese, e anche quando parli in italiano che sono due lingue che parli bene, tu non pensi alle singole parole. Se tu costruisci una ragnatela, se tu costruisci una rete, tutti gli elementi che tu vai imparando si attaccheranno alla rete. Questo vale sia per le parole, sia per i suoni.

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    Quando le persone imparano le cose a memoria, tu puoi imparare cento parole a memoria, mille parole a memoria, tremila parole ma poi non le sai mettere insieme. Chi parla bene una lingua sa mettere insieme i pezzi. Quando tu sei un bambino, tu non conosci tante parole. Non so se tu hai mai sentito parlare di Spaced Repetition. I love my lessons, I love the cultural depth Elisabetta brings to our learning, my fellow students are amazing, outside of class I feel more confident to try my Italian and make mistakes!

    I could not recommend the Monnalisa Italian Language School more highly.

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    • I was looking for an Italian language school where it is possible to learn Italian in small groups, and luckily I have found Elisabetta who was able to fit me in a group of students. My level was very low, but after 40 hours with Ely we reached the B1 level, which is a huge success for me. Thank you Ely! Cara Elisabetta, Ti ringrazio moltissimo per tutte le lezioni interessanti, istruttive e didattiche che ho potuto frequentare grazie a te. Nonostante avessi una buona conoscenza della lingua italiana, mi sentivo bloccato quando un estraneo mi parlava o mi trovavo in luoghi pubblici.

      Tu sei veramente bravissima! Ti auguro un grande successo e buona fortuna per il tuo futuro. I have taken Italian language lessons intermittently for many years from many different teachers with only marginal improvement. Since starting with Ely, my progress with Italian has dramatically increased. She has a rare talent as a teacher to be both focused and gentle in her approach. Her lessons are always interesting with a variety of exercises and no pressure to perform.

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      I encourage anybody interested in painlessly learning how to speak Italian to seek her out. Elisabetta is a hero. It leaves more development options for individual students. Elisabetta is a passionate teacher of her native language, has an amazing sensitivity to differences in learning styles, is grounded in English and gives extra input on the Italian culture and values. It was fun to study with Ely who was very professional and thorougful in her preparation.

      I learned a lot and she even made me look forward to our sessions!

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      I had some previous knowledge in Italian and wanted to improve my language skills for personal use. My Airbnb host in Florence recommended Monnalisa School and it was truly a perfect recommendation from a local. Elisabetta is a fantastic teacher.