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Written by the winner of the Somerset Maugham Award, the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize and a Gregory Award, this family drama features a trinity of women bound by compulsion and secrecy. Joanna, an abomination to her mother, discovers the inheritance that has shadowed her family for generations.

Memento mori: remember that you too will die - Aleph

With some schooling, a job and marriage to clever Lucy Potts, his fortunes are looking up. John finds himself in Sanford, Florida, and sends for Lucy and the children. There, he discovers a talent for preaching, and, with the support of his wife, becomes pastor of Zion Hope Church, rousing his congregation with his fervent sermons.

He is now a pillar of the community, respected and popular. Julius by Daphne Du Maurier.

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The white clouds seemed so near to him, surely they were easy to hold and to caress, strange-moving things belonging to the wide blue space of heaven. A quick-witted urchin caught up in the Franco-Prussian War, he is soon forced by tragedy to escape to Algeria. Once there, he learns the ease of swindling, the rewards of love affairs and the value of secrecy.

Wednesday Weird Short Story Review: The Hodag

Throughout his life, Julius is driven by a hunger for power, his one weakness his daughter, Gabriel. Since the eighteenth century the eccentric and flamboyant Beltran family have ruled their desolate Andean valley. Now they are almost extinct.

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From these she weaves a rich gothic tapestry in which the fantastic legends of the past are mingled with the present necessity for survival in a harsh, drought-ridden land. Kit Anderson is married to Janet, a beautiful but narcissistic woman who seems more shallow to him as time goes by. Their relationship has become strained and cold.

Immersing himself in his work as a doctor, Anderson takes consolation in his career. Then, one night he is called out to a dying patient, and meets Christie, who is taking care of her aunt. Warm and vivacious, Christie stands in stark contrast to Janet, providing the passion and intimacy that has been missing from his life.

How long can their affair be kept secret and does Kit want what is best for Christie, or only for himself? Kinflicks by Lisa Alther. Bouncing from one identity to the other, she adopts the values, politics, lifestyles and even sexual orientation of each new partner she finds.

In this wise, funny and ultimately heartbreaking story, Lisa Alther explores the limited roles offered to women in this period — from cheerleader to motorcycle moll, bulldyke to madonna — each embodying important truths about the aspirations of the culture that created them. Honest, wise, funny and tragic by turns this is a remarkable novel in a class of its own. Kingfishers Catch Fire by Rumer Godden.

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Settling down to live quietly, frugally and peacefully with her new neighbours, she is unaware of the turmoil her arrival provokes as the villagers compete fiercely for her patronage. Lady Oracle by Margaret Atwood. Fat girl, thin girl. Red hair, brown hair. Polish aristocrat, radical husband.

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After a life spent running away from difficult situations, she decides to escape to a hill town in Italy to take stock of her life. But first she must carefully arrange her own death. One way is to stop looking for infinite time and start looking for infinite depth in the things around us — in people, in nature, in sensation, in memory, in imaginary worlds. In that sense all stories are ghost stories.

We use strings of magical words to conjure beings into life. We keep the dead alive and create monsters. We construct a shadow world which lies exactly alongside this one. The York Cold War Bunker was built in , a prospective underground nerve-centre for monitoring fallout during a nuclear war. It seemed a very real possibility that America and Russia would join forces to turn the planet into a scorched wasteland of corpses, cockroaches and smoking ruins.


So this place is spooky in a way that even the most haunted of houses can never be spooky. People came here regularly to train for hell on earth. Even if you were lucky enough to belong to the Royal Observer Corps No. You would listen to the radio and make maps charting the destruction of the North of England until the food and the water and the diesel ran out and… then what? You killed and ate one another? You froze to death? You went up top to take your chances with the cockroaches and the radiation? Suffice to say, above or below ground, you would probably all go the same way in the end.

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York Cold War Bunker was designed as a nerve-centre to monitor fallout in the event of a nuclear attack. So how do you weave those two kinds of stories together, the grit of documentary realism and the frisson of the supernatural? I decided to write a story that could be read in two very different ways, a story that was fundamentally ambiguous, a story that would hopefully make the reader as uncomfortable as the place itself made me when I visited.

The Bunker is made up of two interleaved narratives about a woman called Nadine set in two parallel worlds. In one of these narratives Nadine is a volunteer for the ROC in the York bunker during a nuclear war. In the other narrative she lives in a world where some people people are possessed by nightmare visions of a war to end all wars, a world where these haunted people are treated like plague victims and hauled away to suffer some unknown fate so that they do not infect those around them.