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The simple illustrations and bold colors are eye-catching, and the sturdy board book format is ideal for little hands just learning to hold books and turn pages. Each title includes helpful tips and ideas for parents and caregivers. To support early reading development, the series uses a variety of text styles: rhyming, repetitive phrases, and narrative storytelling. They feature solid information, a kid-centric point of view, and a sense of humor.

Each book contains instructional material for caregivers that targets comprehension and key vocabulary. Gallagher, Diana G. Hola, New York! They cover fascinating topics with familiar characters to pique the interest of children learning to read. They are perfect for drawing reluctant readers and children who are just beginning to read chapter books.

They are perfect for drawing in reluctant readers and children who are just beginning to read chapter books.

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Baby Meerkats Clarke, Ginjer L. Clarke, Ginjer L. This series is part of the Ready-to-Read series, which provides appropriate text and child-friendly topics for beginning readers. This series will be a popular choice for students who enjoy the Fancy Nancy picture books, but who are now beginning to read independently. They use familiar situations to engage emergent readers who are just making the first steps toward reading on their own. Campoy, F. They are perfect for engaging young readers who are beginning to read with support. A dynamic series that hooks emerging readers and guides them as they develop confidence and skills to progress towards reading alone.

Caroll, Louise P. The books help reinforce reading comprehension and fluency for beginning readers. Once they can recognize and identify the words used to tell each story each book features a word list , they will be able to successfully read on their own. Gerver, Jane E.

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Readers will follow Noodle as he goes to school for the first time, learns to share his favorite toy, and comes to accept the addition of a new kitten to his family. These books will support reading instruction at the earliest level for kids who are just beginning to sound out words and learn simple sight words. Each book involves a young child learning a new concept or solving a problem on his or her own.

It includes books with font and vocabulary appropriate for the newest emergent readers. Favorite characters and a blend of fiction and nonfiction titles in this series are sure to appeal to even the most reluctant readers. They feature fun characters and easy plots to satisfy children who are starting to read by themselves. Favorite characters and a blend of high-interest nonfiction along with the fiction will appeal to reluctant readers. Buried Alive! Including numerous illustrations and accessible text, these titles are a great choice for striving readers.

Colorful illustrations and readable text make the information in each book engaging and accessible for young readers.

Written in story format, pivotal episodes reveal what kind of person the subject is or was and how he or she came to be famous. It features black-and-white illustrations on every spread and a lower reading level than other biographies for this age group.

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Who Was Abraham Lincoln? The Ants Go Marching! The fast-paced stories draw in beginning readers, while the easy-reading format helps them master the text on their own.

Phonics Comics Level 1 feature easy-to-sound-out words, simple sentences, and strong picture clues with an introduction to beginning sight words. Phonics Comics Level 2 feature long and short vowels, varied consonant combinations, and longer sentences with an introduction to intermediate sight words. Phonics Comics Level 3 feature multisyllabic words, more advanced vocabulary, complex vowel sounds, and more challenging storylines with an introduction to advanced sight words. Titles like Mammalabilia and Poetrees are a fantastic way to liven up poetry and content area study.

His wacky, inventive poems are a great pick for reluctant readers and are sure to inspire students to become poetry lovers. This set includes a blend of fiction and nonfiction poetry books that focus on science, math and social studies themes. Hopkins, Lee Bennett, Ed. No More Tests! Lansky, Bruce, Ed.

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Activities in the back of the book provide additional information and writing practice. Decades later his poems and drawings continue to inspire children and adults alike. These books help students build foundations for language skills and identify the relationship between pictures and words. The first book in the series, The City of Ember, is now a movie. Please visit Booksource. Adler With his bag of detective tools in hand, Jeffrey Bones can solve any mystery.

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Young readers will love this series by the author of the popular Cam Jansen mysteries. Young readers will love the mysteries, jokes, and clues in these books. They will captivate young readers with glowing examples of bravery, loyalty, and true heroism. Striving readers will love the humor and comic illustrations in this best-selling series. These books are great for teaching character education too!

Reluctant readers will love the michievious magic that messes up his best of intentions. The stories include classics as well as fresh, new stories. Young readers will love reading about the lessons Henry learns with the help of his huge best friend, a mastiff named Mudge Please visit Booksource. Jones, and Dennis the Menace. Each book features four separate stories that can be read alone to give early readers a sense of accomplishment.

Readers will be transported by stories of amazing kids and how they survived. The adventures of these spunky characters will delight young readers who are moving from easy readers to chapter books. These early chapter books are perfect for explaining life changes, family celebrations, and growing up.

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They are designed to enrich the vocabulary of young readers. This series is great for engaging students in lessons about vocabulary, creative writing, and character studies. Through short, simple sentences, Rylant creates strong, believable characters that youngsters will want to get to know. This is a silly series for beginning readers that follows the gang to third grade, where more outrageous adventures await.

Illustrations appear on nearly every page of this chapter-book series, encouraging emergent readers to foster confidence and skill mastery. Young readers new to chapter books will identify with Roscoe and laugh out loud at the many mishaps and adventures narrated by Roscoe himself. They are for beginning readers, unique in that they feature spectacular full-bleed color photographs on every page.

This realistic fiction series will appeal to Judy Moody fans. Stink is the smallest second-grader in his class, but has one of the biggest imaginations, which he puts to work designing his own comics. Young readers will love having adventures with Tiny and his best friend. This fantasy series is by the author of The Hunger Games. Short sentences, repetition, and plenty of clues allow readers to get in on solving easy mysteries. Each book highlights one character. Jekyll And Mr. Rex Vs. Stine, R.

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We Have Strange Powers! Detailed illustrations and simplified retellings are the perfect way to introduce beginning readers to classic stories. Fresh, bold illustrations give these timeless tales a modern edge and will attract even the most reluctant readers. The boys in these books face obstacles not just on the gridiron, the court, the ice, or the half-pipe, but meet mental and social challenges as well.

They feature high-interest plots and accessible below-grade level reading levels. Reading levels range from 2. Calloway of Grand Rapids. M IL P-3 A child, her waitress mother, and her grandmother save dimes to buy a comfortable armchair after all their furniture is lost in a fire. T IL Four English schoolchildren find their way through the back of a wardrobe into the magic land of Narnia and assist Aslan, the golden lion, in triumphing over the White Witch, who has cursed the land with eternal winter.

V IL Rescued from the outrageous neglect of his aunt and uncle, a young boy with a great destiny proves his worth while attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.