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Therefore, as soon as the king had returned home, remembering his vow, saw to it that, above anything else, he carried out his promise made to God and to his holy martyr saint Laurentius. The friars who inhabit and possess these monasteries are of the order of Saint Hieronymus. There also the king has established a university, and has allowed a large maintenance not only for the professors of divinity, but also on philosophy and other liberal sciences, and also for its scholars and students. But let us proceed to some details well worth mentioning.

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Within the inner court at the front side of the building you shall see an excellent cloister or walk covered overhead which begins at the west side of the abbey and runs all along the north side, paved with stones partly round and partly square. The front and chief side of this abbey is towards the west, and at the four corners of the building there are four turrets.

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Over the front door of this church, on their respective pedestals, stand the statues of the six kings of Israel, carved out of white marble and black stone, each of them eighteen feet high. On the North side there is a courtyard through which you go to the kings palace, the four walks of the college and the university, all of which have been built on this North side. On the south side, there are certain gardens, orchards, the walk going to the hospital, certain distilling houses, an apothecary shop and a gallery through which you pass from the monastery to the parlour. Let us now pass on to the inner ornaments of this stately piece of work.

And first, [using] the stairs going up from the great door of the church, [you reach] a splendid gallery, leading to the open walk which there is between the college, the monastery will offer itself to your view. In this gallery you may go up a broad flight of stairs to get into the church, and from there you come to another floor which leads to the cross entry which is in front of the church from where those of the monastery go one way, those of the college another way into the church, and then from there into the lower room of the choir.

The shape or platform of this choir is square, having within the square three cloisters. Near this place of the lower choir there is on each side an open court, from where the lower choir and the two chapels situated at this court receive their light. In this choir there are two stately altars.

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Above this choir, which is arched, there is another church with a choir belonging to it. This church beside the great chapel, the inner and outer rooms of the choir, is square, supported by four pillars and other necessary support and upholding. In it are two pairs of organs, each of them having, as they call them, thirty-two registers. Further, there are in this church thirty-six altars, with a most stately door, through which they go into the great lower vault at those times that prayers are said. This church is thirty feet higher than the lower choir, and the upper choir is as many feet higher than the church itself.

The floor is laid with chequered-like white marble and a kind of black stone, in the same manner as the floors of the outer and inner choirs. Here are to be seen diverse and various service books and mass books, both written [by hand] and printed, and many others belonging to such church business.

The seats are made of very fine wood, carved and decorated with twisted pillars of Corinthian work, most artistically [done]. On the south side of the church is the porch door, beautified and adorned with various excellent pictures. In this porch is a fountain, made of various kinds of jasper and marble, running at seven cocks for the use and benefit of those who intend to go to mass there.

The floor is paved and garnished with black and white marble.

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  4. The vestry is also a very stately place and richly adorned, containing various suitcases and chests which are laid up and filled with the copes, vestments and other ornaments belonging to the altars and priests which they put on when they say mass. Out of this vestry they go up to the high altar, which stands on a loft in the upper end of the church.

    The place where this altar stands is paved with the best jasper stone of various colours.

    Certain chapels and closets are adjoined to this, where the noblemen and royalty sit to hear mass. This way they go into the chapel which is at the north side of the church, where all kinds of precious relics of saints are kept, enclosed in their various chests and boxes.

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    Similarly for everything on the south side. Close to the high altar there is a small room, most richly adorned, where the holy communion is administrated.

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    The doors of this closet are made from the best and purest crystal, which they call crystal of the mountain, enclosed and hung in certain hinges of cast metal, double guilded and laid over with gold. This work is thought now to be the most splendid and artful that can be seen in all the world. The surveyor and famous architect of this building, master Iacobus de Trezzo, was [busy] for six whole years in cutting and polishing the jasper which was used for this building only.

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    The high altar is a work as costly and splendid as this one, made in a similar manner of jasper and marble, and garnished with various stately pictures and statues. The MONASTERY or place of residence for the monks and friars, has a very excellent steeple in which they hung a fine set of bells with a clock and a dial with an index showing the natural and planetary hours. The ward, hall or room here where the monks and friars come to dine and take supper, with the spittle, are most excellently built with corners, galleries and walks.

    Moreover, there is a fair cloister or square, where public prayers are daily read. In the middle of this square is a very fine garden, most artistically divided into beds and splendid plots. Trouble On Set: Will has been brought up by a religious sect who ban him from watching movies. Sylvester Stallone never had this problem. Trouble On Set: The stars think they're being filmed with hidden cameras, but the director is dead and they're walking into a drug war.

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