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Lessons for entrepreneurs from ‘The Book of Five Rings’

This will help you grow as a practitioner and a person. Written by someone who fought and won over sixty contests, it gives wisdom and insight into combat that can be applied to any situation. The book does not detail technique or lay out forms but rather speaks about mastering The Way.

I've read it several times and always come away with greater insight and have something to think about. Clear, concise and easy to read, any person can benefit from the concepts contained in this book.

The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi | Books

In theory, one would read a chapter, wander off and practice it for a few years, return to the next chapter, and then repeat the process. Simply reading the book will not turn you into a Ninja or Zen guru. Practice is required. Re-reading it after physical practice can often be enlightening. Like many Samurai type books, the author focuses on the "Martial" part of Martial Arts. That is, the practice is intended to kill, not just disable, the opponent.


Modern practice sees it differently. Guest More than 1 year ago Miyamoto Musashi is one of if not the most profound and prolific authors of his and our time.

Epic Asian Music - The Book of the Five Rings (五輪書)

He writes from the perspective of a self experienced man. If you get past the surface of this manual of life you will see that the art that is being disected is for the development of a well rounded person. Only if you can get by the military surface you will see this. He Mr. Musashi challenges us to study what he has written and also to apply the principles so that we can see the spirit in which he writes.

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If you are interested in maintaining a demeanor that is unlike any other in your immediate circle of friends and constituents please purchase this book! A fellow classmate recommended this book to me. A bit difficult to get through at first, but it gives invaluable insight into fighting techniques. This theme of strategy applying to everything is one Musahi mentions frequently in this work. As you read the book keep this in mind. In the Overlook Press edition, there are numerous illustrations of artworks in different mediums created by Musahi himself.

Example is the best form of teaching and he clearly shows that there is no division between martial art forms and art forms for pleasure. The book itself is written like a classical brush painting. Broad strokes suggest the theme and the more we look at the work, the more detail we see in the work. Musahi writes in broad terms, supplying enough detail for us to understand what he is suggesting, but he does not overwhelm us with detail. In many places, the student is admonished to research the subject of his discourses themselves.

It is this last aspect that makes this work so enduring and all encompassing. These principles may be applied to any situation, to any profession. It is not a book to be read once and put away. Each time you read the book you will find some new insight, just as each time you look at a well-done artwork, you notice new detail.

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We also agree not to send spam, and we restrict ourselves to only responding to questions and requests that are sent to us via email. Consumers in the digital age are not only looking for an experience from the brand they do business with, they are also looking for a purpose, a set of principles that the brand adheres to that appeals to them. When they see a business with a real purpose, a real impact on society that they can relate to, they will follow that brand with absolute loyalty. Startup entrepreneurs often get distracted by things they need not divert their attention to.

While doing so, their objective is almost the same — success for the organisation — and they want to achieve it by any means necessary. But the problem with such an approach is that it leads them away from their core strengths and target audience, both of which are critical to their success. The only thing that can happen after that is a loss of any market share they might have created for their startup. A samurai must put forward his best efforts to win a battle. And in order to give his best, he must never think of the possibility of defeat at the hands of the enemy.

Moreover, occasional best efforts are not good enough to ensure victory. For that, the warrior must be at his best at all times. Just like in the battlefield, occasional best efforts are not good enough to win over business competitors either. Entrepreneurs must remain at the top of their game at all times, because the moment they let go, even for a split second, they will surely be overwhelmed by competitors.

Because it is the digital age and things move at the speed of thought on the internet. Strategy, product planning and design, marketing, human resources, finance, and every other business function can draw a few lessons from the samurai. Their absolute devotion to their way of life, the expertise with weapons, resilience, strong personality, attitude towards victory, and the humility to keep learning every day can prove to be useful lessons for startup entrepreneurs.